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Custom Home Frequently Asked Questions

When you contract with a builder to create your dream home, it’s not just a contract… go into a partnership with the builder. This means that both parties work together and share responsibility to make the process a success. It means that the builder is responsible to ensure quality workmanship and provide project management. It also means that you, the owner, is responsible to make selection decisions when they need to be made and be available for consultation with the builder. You also need to understand that building a custom home can have delays along the way. This is not a “cookie-cutter” process, rather a collaboration that requires effort on everyone’s part.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that can prepare you for the building process.


How long does it take to build a custom home?

  • This depends on a number of factors

    • Size of the home

    • Topography of your lot

    • Financing

    • HOA Requirements


How much preparatory excavation is required?

  • Preparation of the land begins with a site map that outlines exactly how your home will sit on your land. This will be the basis for initial excavation. The HOA and some government agencies may need to review and approve.

  • Common reasons for a delay

    • Weather

    • Material availability

    • Financing

    • Permitting process through state and/or local governments

    • Customer not making timely selections for materials

    • Changes in design and selections that happen along the way

    • Scheduling of sub-contractors and utility companies

    • HOA approval process

What should I expect from my builder?

  • Quality workmanship

  • Communication every step of the way

  • Creative and thoughtful solutions

What does my builder expect from me?

  • Timely selection (designer can be a great asset)

  • Understanding delays that are out of everyone’s control

  • Communication every step of the way


  • What does “cost plus” mean?

    • Cost Plus is a pricing method that provides transparency of the cost of materials.  The builder’s fees and administrative costs are separate and there is not an additional mark up on the materials purchased for your home.​

  • What if we buy some of our own materials?

    • It isn’t uncommon for you to make selections and go ahead and make the purchases.  Because Cobblestone Homes utilizes a Construction Costing Tool, these items will be accounted for and a credit applied to the final cost of your home.

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